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How Can Airlines Take Advantage of NDC and ONE Order?

The airline industry is undergoing a significant change. Not because of the new normal, vaccines, or new rules of air travel. It’s all thanks to an old friend, XML! Yes, we are talking about NDC, also known as New Distribution Capability.

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NDC seems like a lifesaver around the globe, especially if we are talking about low-costs.

NDC gives airlines more freedom when it comes to creating their own inventory and pricing schedules, which in turn allows them to offer customers more insights into how they make their pricing decisions.

Download our whitepaper, and see what kind of future awaits the airline industry and how anybody can join in six main titles:

  • A New Age for the Airline Industry is Here
  • So, What Exactly is NDC?
  • NDC and ONE Order Have Already Begun Changing the Climate for the Industry
  • How Does NDC Help Increase Airline Revenue?

  • The NDC Effect on Customer Experience

  • The New Era for Low-Cost Airlines Begins